A Tribute to Earth


He was a man who became gentler as life passed and becoming one who laughed easily. He would dance with me in his basement with a happy grin on his face..teaching me polka steps and swinging me around. Duty was his honor and he loved the feel of the dirt between his fingers. He found peace through taking care of the earth and providing for his family. He was a killer checkers player with no mercy which gave us a certain understanding about how life would treat us. He worked and gave again and again. He read his bible before bed every night with his red-headed wife and ate all she cooked. He held on to tradition, to values, to service, and to those he loved. He went in for coffee early in the mornings to talk with the local men about life. He watched all of us make our mistakes and was there when we needed him to be, a rock….a fortress…a steady hand to catch us. He was sacrifice. He was a builder of strength for future generations.

Photo by Dave Robinson on Unsplash

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