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Dating Tips for INFP’s

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One of the most effective things I’ve done as a dating INFP, is to write about my date afterwards.  I try to write exactly what happened and what I liked and didn’t like about it.  This helps me to not idealize the relationship.  It’s also useful for looking back and seeing patterns.  I tend to idealize relationships and be incredibly forgiving of flaws because I am a healer and I don’t like conflict or hurting people.  But not ignoring little things like “he spent the entire time on his cell phone again” helps me see patterns that push me to get out of relationships that aren’t good for me.

Also, another dating tip I think is useful for the INFP personality is that it’s better to find someone who will support you in who you are and what you do than it is to find someone you’re incredibly impressed with.  If you find yourself doing all of the supporting work and not getting any in return, it might be time to find someone new, no matter how cool he is.

As an INFP, I find I’m so open-minded and curious about different people that I have no trouble finding someone to date, I truly love everyone and the more different from me they are, the more curious I am about them.  The biggest dating challenge I come across is getting out of relationships I know are not working.  It feels morally wrong to break up with someone, but this isn’t true. Finding the right person whose core values match your own is imperative for the infp because our values are such a huge part of who we are, if they don’t like our values, then they don’t really like us.

I’ve also heard that for INFP’s it is good for us to not ignore the boring guy in favor of the exciting guy because their stability allows us to be our full artistic selves, I’m not sure about this one yet. I see wisdom in it, but if there are no feelings for me, I don’t feel like the romance is authentic. He’s got to be a boring guy who creates feelings.

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Why I’m Skeptical of Self-Help Advice

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Seems like I doubt everyone and everything anymore, my investigative skills are on high when something appears to get my hopes up about something. The latest thing I’m done with is self-help advice. I read a good article about how we can divide our goals into health, family, work, and relationships. The article said we could be good at two, but not good at 4. We could be average at 4, but not good at any. Or we could look at it as seasons where we’re good at some things at some times in our life, but not at other times in our life. It was impossible to be good at all four at the same time no matter how amazing we were, we simply don’t have enough time and energy. Looking at my own life, I’m good at work and family. I know people who are good at relationships and health, but terrible at making money and they live far away from their family and ignore them. In fact, when I look at people, I can almost immediately discover which two are their strengths and which two are their weaknesses. This idea drove me crazy, because I truly do want it all. I want to be good at all four things. I want to be a good mom, I want to be healthy, I want to be awesome at my career, and I want cool friends to hang out with every weekend.

I found peace though, I think I figured it out. (or maybe a better way of saying it is: He opened my eyes)

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matthew 6:33

Completely switch your focus off of “having it all” and focus on having Him. We are promised everything. We are free from striving. This is what freedom in Christ looks like. He is everything.

I used to get mad at the prodigal son story because it was so unfair to the older brother. He didn’t get anything. Now I’m realizing I didn’t understand what the treasure was. I didn’t understand that the party, the land, the money was worthless. The treasure was the father. Having the father is everything.
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Why Does Dating Feel Like Jumping Off a Cliff?

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My fear of dating the wrong guy is disappearing. I forget how prevalent grace is. I forget how He holds me in His hand and doesn’t let me get lost, how everything, everything is working towards good. I can’t mess that up! I could get married and divorced nine more times, I could marry a druggie, or an alcoholic, or be completely broke the rest of my life. I could marry a Christian who isn’t really a Christian again. There’s a part of me that feels it’s unethical to declare someone “not a Christian”. Who am I to decide that, how could God put that kind of responsibility on me, and who wants someone watching them all the time to decide if they’re really a Christian or not?

God show me the truth, and help me to obey and trust.

Why does dating feel like jumping off a cliff?

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Living Vicariously Through Someone Else

Dating, Dating after divorce, Divorce, Single Mom

So I’m really afraid I will marry poorly next time around. Choose the same kind of guy, repeat the pattern. I’ve been listening to the audiobook “Safe People”, to figure out how to avoid the crazies. I have lots of crazies in my life. Turns out, we’re sometimes attracted to the type of person we secretly want to be. I’ve lived such a strict and rigid life, that I’m attracted to men who are free, non-judgmental and irresponsible. I think I’m secretly craving to break free from some of these restraints that have been holding me in. Not the Jesus ones, still going to love and trust Him, but some of these other pressures that have been put upon me that He never required anyway. I’d rather become who I want to be than live vicariously through a man. There’s a lot of pressure in my family to look right, be super successful, and to be really frugal. Also, I have strong perfectionist tendencies that I just need a break from.

“Didn’t we all break down
didn’t we all fake
isn’t it alright now
Didn’t we all break out”
-Lisa Hannigan, Sea Song

Four Principles for the Exercise of Christian Liberty (Ligonier Ministries)